The whole office laughed at the cleaning lady until the director arrived from a business trip

And the situation is as follows: the company occupies one floor in a large office center, while the other floors are rented to different organizations.

At one time it happened that the office premises stopped being cleaned. Since the partitions between the offices are glass, the absence of a cleaning company was noticeable.

And then one day a cleaning woman, with strange hair and a full figure, came into the office. During the day she cleaned up the office. The next day she came again, but already with her colleagues. But her colleagues were passive in cleaning, unlike the woman.

The office staff began to demand that only the woman with the strange hairdo clean up. But for some reason, instead of gratitude, they poured shredded paper from the shredder and powder from the cartridge on the floor. And they called her again and again.

They laughed at the cleaner’s appearance. They didn’t like her hair color and hairstyle, her gait, or her voice.

This only lasted for three days. After three days, the head of the office arrived and it turned out that the cleaner was his sister.

He put the reins of the whole office building in her hands.

And she, though the head of the cleaning company, but as a responsible person, decided to personally verify the amount of work, and on other important points in her case.

After the employees found out about it, for some reason they were no longer so cheerful. Paper clips, powder, and shredded paper no longer fell on the floor.

The cleaner also continued to come and personally clean up, but she heard no jokes, only polite greetings and words of gratitude.

And it turns out strange, what changed their behavior? A person’s status?

Obviously, yes.

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