The zoo helped a 100-year-old woman fulfill her dream by introducing her to a serval

Betty Morris, a 100-year-old resident of Great Britain, has always been very fond of servals – spotted wild cats, usually living in Africa. She took care of them, making generous donations to the Drusillas Zoo, and dreamed of getting to know her beloved animal intimately. A few months ago, her dream finally came true.

Drusillas Zoo staff organized a meeting between an elderly British woman and serval Nvela, who was new to the zoo. Using a training stick, food and a clicker, senior zookeeper Gemma Romanis led the wildcat to Betty’s chair, and for the first time in her life she was able to see the serval so close.

Смотритель зоопарка Джемма Романис подвела дикую кошку к креслу Бетти, и она впервые в жизни смогла увидеть сервала так близко.

“Betty has supported us for many years, and the entire Drusillas team loves her incredibly. When we got Nvela, we decided that we should definitely train her as soon as possible in order to introduce her to Betty. It was a great opportunity to realize her dream,” Gemma Romanis told Bored Panda portal.

Betty was overjoyed when she talked to Nvela.

“Meeting with serval has always been on my wish list! Nvela came very close to my wheelchair, and it was just wonderful,” an elderly British woman shared her impressions.

После встречи с сервалом внучка Бетти вручила ей сертификат, позволяющий бесплатно посещать Drusillas Zoo в течение года.

After meeting with serval, Betty’s granddaughter presented her grandmother with another gift – a certificate allowing her to visit Drusillas Zoo for free for a year. Now, whenever possible, the woman goes to her favorite zoo to see Nvela, her brothers and sisters, as well as other animals again.

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