This dog, after the death of its owner, runs to his grave every day.

The faithful dog was very saddened by the death of his owner. He ate poorly and was constantly disappearing somewhere. Until that day, no one knew where the dog was running…

The story begins with the fact that a man

found a stray puppy and brought him home. The owner named his pet «Zozo».

The dog loved spending time with his owner because the man treated him with love.

On February 10, 2014, a man passed away. The dog was very hard going through the loss of his beloved owner.

The wife and son of the deceased began to notice that the dog began to run away from home somewhere. But he always came home.

One day the son decided to visit his father’s grave and noticed from afar that something was lying on top of it. Coming closer, he saw Zozo. It turns out that the dog really missed his owner.

Later, the family found out that it was here that the dog ran every day.

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