Touching moment: A girl sings to her dying cat ‘You Are My Sunshine’

4-year-old Abby was filmed singing to her family cat, Bailey, when, sadly, he was leaving this world… Abby’s mom says Bailey has lived with the family for more than 14 years. The song that Abby chose for her beloved cat is called «You Are My Sunshine.»

This video is both hopeful and heartbreaking, as the girl sings the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her dying cat.

Abby is only 4 years old, but she has always shared all the happy moments of her life with her cat Bailey. This devoted cat has lived in the girl’s family for 14 years, and since the birth of Abby, they have formed a very close bond.

The two of them enjoyed spending time together reading and singing. Bailey seemed to understand every word of the song Abby sang for him.

Unfortunately, the song captured on the video was the last one that Abby sang for her friend Bailey, who soon went over the rainbow. Bailey’s kidneys failed and he died a few hours after the touching performance of the song.

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