15-year-old cat asks neighbors for help after being abandoned

A cute 15-year-old cat was able to find the help she needed from a neighbor after being abandoned by her owner.
A family abandoned a cute 15-year-old cat on the street in their neighborhood because she was too old. Luckily, she came to a neighbor’s house to get the help she needed.

The old cat named Trixie was well known in the neighborhood. She was especially well known by the neighbor, Dena, who lives a block away from the house.
Dena said :

“Trixie was a pet kitten that my dog loved for years through the window.”

Dena was surprised to see Trixie wandering the neighborhood streets. So she took her to her family.

Unfortunately, the elderly cat ended up outside without the care of family or someone.
So Dena decided to take her to the garage of her house to give the cat shelter. She also gave her food and water.

The poor cat was very hungry, but seemed a little tense and uncomfortable. So after eating all the food, she ran away. Observing this behavior, Dena decided to seek help from the local Friends for Life Rescue Network in Southern California.

The shelter was able to contact Trixie’s owner, who immediately agreed to sign papers to place the cat in their care.

Jacqueline DeAmore, co-founder of the Friends for Life Rescue Network, said:

“It’s a miracle Trixie has survived on the streets for so long with her teeth and claw problems. Without hesitation, I said we would take her to our rescue center and find her a loving home.”

But thanks to the timely help of the neighbor, Trixie has recovered quickly and efficiently and can finally rest.

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