2 month old baby says I love you and his mom is over the moon

A mother who adores her baby shoots a touching video of her 8-week-old baby saying, “I love you.” It is always an extraordinary moment for any parent to hear the first words their baby utters. Around the sixth month, most babies are able to say speech sounds for mommy and daddy’s names or just something they want, like a bottle of milk or a toy.

Hearing these words can be difficult because the baby can present a combination of sounds, noises, and even cries that can signal very different needs.

2-month-old baby. A recent video posted on YouTube astounded many viewers by how an 8-week-old baby can say the words “I love you” while repeating after his mother.

They were talking about last Christmas. Her mom was asking her if she had a great and if she was able to get everything she wanted. Even though the baby can’t communicate yet, it’s clear that she’s able to understand her mom and what she’s saying.

The mom said:

“I’m glad you had fun. I’m glad you had a great time.”

The baby didn’t answer but she flashed a very beautiful smile.

“Mama loves you. I love you,” her mom continued.

The baby said ‘I love you’.

Well, it’s not really clear if that’s what she said. But if you’re going to ask her mom and most people who’ve watched the video, they’d say yes. The baby said those words and it just melted her parents’ hearts.

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