A blind cat was drowning in a swamp for six hours until she was heard by a passing woman

Residents of a small town heard the piercing cry of a cat coming from a marshy stretch of lake. The poor gray cat meowed as if begging to be saved, crying for six hours.

But the vendors from nearby stalls realized that they couldn’t do it on their own. Elena also noticed the cat sitting far from the shore and decided to save it.

However, the approaching person frightened the cat and it tried to escape, falling into the frozen swamp. Elena was able to get the cat out and took it to the vet.

It turned out that the cat was young and completely blind. Elena took her home, but can’t keep her because of the seven cats she already has. The woman is looking for a kind and caring family for the beautiful cat.

The cat was very affectionate, oriented perfectly in the apartment, found the litter box and bowls of food by herself, and also follows Elena, as tied.

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