A dog who has been diagnosed with a tumor enjoys a fresh breeze in the last days of her life

Today we will tell you about an incredibly beautiful story of friendship between a dog and a girl. April loved Libra very much and they spent all their free time together.

It is worth noting that at that time Libra met her younger friend kitten Maxwell. Libra was a very friendly dog and everyone in the family loved her. However, not everything went so smoothly.

After several visits to the doctor, Libra was found to have a tumor in the veterinary clinic. The vet said the dog didn’t have much time left. As sad as it was to realize, however, April and her family wanted to do everything that could make Libra happy in the last days of her life.

The Kramer family has always known that the dog loves to travel by car and decided to arrange a mini trip for her. Unfortunately, this was her last trip. It seems to me that Libra had a very good family who took care of her and did everything to make her happy somehow.

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