A loyal dog sacrificed his own life to save his owners from a snake bite

A dog is not only man’s best friend, but also a hero and protector. The loyal dog sacrificed his life to save his owner from a poisonous snake.

Dad and Rick were playing tug-of-war in the backyard when the dog suddenly jumped right at his feet, growling and snarling. It all happened so fast that Dad fell over, perplexed as to what was going on.

It snarled, and seemed to be struggling with something. It all happened in the blink of an eye. Dad didn’t realize what was happening. Then he saw Rick shaking what he thought was a rope in his mouth. But it wasn’t the rope they use for tug-of-war…
To his surprise, it was a rattlesnake!

Rattlesnakes are large snakes that are found throughout North and South America. The largest concentrations are in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Arizona is home to 13 species of rattlesnakes. That’s more than any other state.

The dog’s animal instincts kicked in, and it saved his man’s life. But suddenly Rick’s nose began to swell.

Rick’s dad didn’t waste a minute and carried him to the car. They immediately rushed to the vet for medical attention.

But the dog could not be saved.

“When we buried him, my daughter cried so much that I cried with her. We also said a prayer for the dog, it was very emotional.”

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