A one-and-a-half-year-old baby calmed a golden retriever who was afraid of a thunderstorm

Everyone knows that some dogs are afraid of thunderstorms. But in this story it is interesting that such a frightened dog is comforted by a little boy who has not even parted with a diaper yet! He still needs the care and guardianship of others, but he is already able to take care of his friend.

The kind kid saw that his furry friend needed help. After all, the retriever is very afraid of thunderclaps. The boy realized that the dog needed to be calmed and supported. How do you like such an act of a one-and-a-half-year-old child?

There is nothing special that the dog is scared by the sound of thunder. There are a lot of dogs who are ready to hide under the bed or corner at the same moment as the bad weather begins. They don’t like loud and harsh sounds. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a thunderstorm, a salute, a firecracker or a car exhaust. This dog is considered the protector of the family, but as soon as he hears thunder, he immediately climbs under the bath.

The retriever has already decided to hide under the bath, has already settled down near the washing machine, where it is not so scary. However, he did not have time to hide in his hiding place, as a Man came to his aid. No need to laugh, even if he’s in a diaper, but he’s a real friend.

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