A robot android greets visitors at the Museum of the Future in Dubai

Visitors to the Museum of the Future in Dubai are greeted with smiles and jokes by an unusual employee. It is a humanoid robot named “Ameka”.
It was developed by Engineered Arts. The robot is able to track movement in the room, and is also equipped with facial recognition. “Ameka communicates with visitors and answers questions about the museum.

Majid al-Mansouri, executive director of the Museum of the Future:

“This robot is unique. It uses artificial intelligence to understand and answer people’s questions. The way it follows people and looks at them is unique.

The company says it’s the most advanced humanoid robot in the world.

Visitors can talk to the humanoid using a microphone.

[Renata Jollet, visitor]:
“I used to see small robots, for example, on cruise ships. But they were just standing around for information. This one is more advanced. He speaks well, and it’s interesting to talk to him.”

[Alexander Houtteville, visitor]:
“It’s amazing. When you ask her a question, she answers by looking me in the eye. You say to her, ‘You’re so sweet.’ And she answers: “You’re nice, too. It’s fantastic.”

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is an impressive seven-story building that opened earlier this year. Its height is 77 meters. The stainless steel housing is covered with quotations from Arabic calligraphy. One of them reads:

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and bring it to life.”

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