A strange dog with a smile on his face tries to crawl under the gate of their house every day, and asks to be let in until his owners learn the awful truth

One day a doggie showed up at one family’s house and insisted on to come inside. She crawled under the gate in the backyard to say “hello.” From all indications, this dog, at least at one time, had been pet, but maybe she was lost.

The man liked her. He saw that the doggie was behaving kindly, and she was quite adorable. She was wearing a collar. It was obvious that she had a home. But she was in bad shape. However, his wife wanted her to go and kept chasing her away.
The wife took her dogs inside the house for fear that the strange dog that had come would bite them. But the dog wasn’t mean or aggressive! She was clearly asking people to live with her.

The couple believed that she probably belonged to someone in the neighborhood . When she came, the husband kept greeting her, but the wife greeted her with distaste.

The kind husband suggested writing a note to her owner and attaching a camera to it so they could see where she had gone. That’s when the heartbreaking scenario unfolds.

When they looked at the footage, they saw that everywhere this cute dog was unwanted. People were constantly kicking her out. Some neighbors were yelling at her to leave. It was horrible. All this sweet dog wanted was to be loved.

The couple asked their veterinarian to come and see if she was healthy and if he had any advice. He came over and examined the dog.
He was sure the dog belonged to someone because it was well-behaved and friendly. He assumed that this dog was used to being loved and showing love, and that is why she is so asking for affection and love in return.She crawls under their gate every day with a smile on her face.

Finally, his wife had a change of heart. Once she watched the video of everyone chasing the dog away and heard what the vet said, she felt sorry for the dog.
She agrees with her husband that they can keep the dog and care for her until her owner is found. If her owner is not found, they will keep her and officially adopt her.

Even though it was difficult for the woman at first, we are very happy that she had a change of heart.

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