A young man is going to adopt a kitten: but instead brings home a 12-year-old cat

When a college student named Paul decided to get a pet, he knew that a cat would be the perfect choice.

“I wanted a cat because cats are usually unpretentious pets.They are emotionally supportive and have a lot of fun with them. And this is especially useful in a stressful college environment,” he said.

So he went to the shelter, intending to adopt a brave kitten. But, walking through the cages with stray animals from the feline family, he had some doubts.

“I realized that kittens need much more attention than older cats. There are much more problems with babies! “said Paul. “As a student, I spend a lot of time outside the apartment. Therefore, I will need to leave the cat at home unattended for a long time.”

Continuing to think about his lifestyle and the needs of his future companion, he decided that “an older cat, which has already been accustomed to the toilet tray, will be ideal.”

When he met Cleo, a 12-year-old gray-and-white cat with green eyes, he realized that she was special. Then, when he heard her backstory, he immediately decided to adopt a cat.

A new human baby has appeared in the house where the cat used to live. The former owner removed the
cat ‘s claws . Without the claws, Cleo felt threatened and helpless.

“Cleo was so stressed that she got sick. She had a urinary tract infection.And in the end, the cat couldn’t stand it and bit its owner. That’s why she ended up in a shelter,” Paul told us. “I decided that Cleo deserves a real home where she can live in peace. ”

Now this cute old cat is enjoying her golden years with Paul and his roommates Ben and Denis. A lot of attention is paid to her in the company of three, but she still can’t quite relax.

“At first she was very shy and reserved. But she really loved me, Ben and Dennis,” Paul said of his cat. “Cleo is becoming more and more sociable with strangers in the apartment and even likes to play with her toy. ”

Paul and his roommates continue to do everything possible to make the life of their new companion as comfortable as possible. They like to watch her settle into a new environment.

“There are no other pets in the apartment, and I don’t plan to have any other pets,” Paul said.

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