After four years of fighting, the dog didn’t trust anyone until he met a toddler

An English greyhound named Mosley, she was used in illegal dog racing until she was rescued by animal welfare activists. After the rescue, fate led the dog to a man called Scott Merrihew.

By this time, Mosley was four years old, and despite her new owners’ best efforts to show her love and care, the dog remained estranged from them. No wonder, as all the previous years of her life had been filled with cruelty and lack of love.

For four years the owners tried to melt the dog’s cold heart. But all their efforts were in vain as Mosley retained her toughness and negative experiences from dogfighting. But all that changed when Scott’s wife became pregnant.

The dog began to show interest in her owner and wanted to communicate with her. She became affectionate and caring, trying to be close and protective.

“At the end of the pregnancy, the dog was surprisingly gentle with me,” says Scott’s wife. “It was nice and touching to be cared for not only by my husband, but also by the rescued dog, who hadn’t been accustomed to such kindness before”.

After baby Lucas was born, the dog realised she had found her devoted owner for life.

“Mosley showed an immediate interest in the baby, but was cautious and kept her distance,” Scott recalls.

She sensed the baby’s fragility and vulnerability and understood the importance of loving, caring and protecting him.

Mosley became an affectionate and gentle dog; she never left his side, always close by and happy with his every move. She was even allowed to sleep in the same room as the baby.

The gentle transformation that took place in the victorious dog’s broken heart filled her life with meaning. Mosley is now the most loyal of four-legged friends to little Lucas and the whole family.

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