After six long years, the owners managed to bring the dog home

A married couple, Caroline and Simon, have lost their beloved dog, a cocker spaniel named Bonnie. For two years they tried to find a pet, but to no avail. However, many years later, only recently, a real miracle happened. When the family received a call from the shelter, they could not believe their ears.

Employees reported that their dog was found 320 kilometers from Norfolk, where the family lives. Bonnie was stolen for breeding. But fortunately, the dog was not injured during all this time. Her owners could not believe that their pet was found after six long years. Bonnie, thankfully, looked pretty good.

It is unknown what Bonnie has been through all this time. The illegal breeders who stole Bonnie made a lot of money from her, and it’s very sad. Also, in all these years, she has never been to the vet. After all, they could track her chip there. It’s a great stroke of luck that they managed to get Bonnie home safely.

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