Assistance dog meets his lifelong friend, a former soldier

A former soldier returned to civilian life years later after his deployment to Afghanistan. To help him overcome this ordeal, the association entrusted him with a guide dog.

Corey Klitzing was luckier than many of his comrades. He came home alive from Afghanistan to Vandalia, Illinois. But he did not return completely unscathed. His deployment in 2008 had a profound psychological impact on him.

But as of Thursday, July 14, 2022, he can count on the invaluable support of Major, his new friend. He is a one-year-old German Shepherd who has officially become his service dog .

A great meeting was made possible by the Red Leg Tech team, an association that helps injured soldiers like Corey Klitzing.

To join Corеy and discover his new home, Major traveled a very long way; 2 days on the road crossing several states. The journey, was softened by the presence of the dog’s favorite toy, a green hippo.

When the dog showed up, he and Corеy Klitzing sat side by side on the front steps for a long time. Their friendship began there.

Jennifer Sandiford, a Red Leg Tech volunteer, explains that the association was founded by two military veterans who also had German Shepherds. And so they could see how wonderful these dogs are.

Corey Klitzing served with Jennifer Sandiford’s husband in the National Guard. When she found out the organization had a dog who had just graduated, she immediately thought of him.

In addition to training service dogs, Red Leg Tech helps ex-servicemen in various ways. They also help veterans financially when they can’t make ends meet.

Corey Klitzing couldn’t wait to take Major to the park and other fun places.

” I just hope to be the best doggy dad I can be,” he says.

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