Cat adopted 6 homeless puppies: fed them with mice, washed and raised them

It is not known what happened, but only six little pups were left without their mother. Without help, the babies wouldn’t have lived a couple of days, so they were lucky that a cat with strongly developed paternal feelings got in their way. The cat decided to help the babies and take care of them.

To feed his adopted children, the cat went hunting and caught mice, birds, and sometimes even lizards. The caring father watched not only for food, but also for the pups’ appearance and carefully washed them. The unusual family was found by volunteers in Anapa.

The cat himself called for help. Immediately the animal began to scream loudly, and after making sure that people paid attention to him, he led them between the trees. People did not immediately understand what was happening, because the situation in which cats care for puppies is very unusual.

As it turned out, the cat did its job perfectly: the babies were fed, washed, and healthy. Many female cats willingly undertake to take care of other creatures’ offspring, but male cats almost never show such eagerness.

People set up a kennel for the cat and puppies and the family lived in it during the warm season, but when it got colder they took all the animals from the street.

They built a large, warm kennel for the puppies in their new home. The cat was the first one to enter the new home, and only after he approved of it could the puppies go in.

The puppies grew up quickly and their habit of sleeping just on the cat began to threaten the life of the animal. The volunteers took the cat into the house and only then did they realize that it was not their mother at all, but their father.

The cat did not leave his foster children unattended, he often visited them and made sure that the babies were fed and clean.

Soon the kids found new families, their departure made the cat despondent, so it was decided to find him a new home as well. Soon the cat was taken in by an elderly couple who had recently lost a pet that looked very much like our hero. The cat was named Marsik and he happily lives in his new home. The owners say that the cat does not hunt birds and mice, probably he did it only to save his children from hunger.

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