Delightful moment: police officer stops in the middle of work to get a thirsty monkey drunk

Amid the scorching heat, everyone looks for a bottle of water, especially when out on the road. Animals are no different. And when a monkey in Maharashtra’s Malshej Ghat was looking to quench its thirst, a little help from a human friend went a long way.

The monkey is seen standing and drinking water from the bottle offered by the police officer. Clad in a traffic police uniform, the man is seen gently giving water to the animal. The monkey is also seen looking backwards as a car passes by and continues to drink water.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nandawrote, “Be kind wherever possible.”

A Twitter user Mr Raj Maji noted that traffic police personnel at Malshej Ghat provide water to animals from the nearby forest area. “Constable Sanjay Ghude attached to Malshej traffic department helping a monkey quench its thirst. Traffic cops stationed at Malshej Ghat help animals from the nearby forest by providing them water,” Maji wrote.

The police officer earned plaudits online for his kind act.

“Love and kindness is such a wonderful feelings who knows only they can feel. My Salute to all,” commented a user.

Some users also raised the need for arranging water for animals.

“I think there can be man-made ponds created in forests which can be filled water trucks regularly,” commented another user.

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