Dogs never die: they stay asleep in our hearts

Losing a beloved pet is a real blow to anyone. After all, for many pets become family members.

Ernest Montague knows what it means to lose someone very close to him. When his dog, Bolo, a black and white pit bull, died, he decided to pay his respects. He wrote some touching and wise words that can’t help but inspire:

“Anyone who thinks he lost his dog because he died is wrong. I won’t beat around the bush and tell you right away. Dogs never die. They get tired, they get old, their bones hurt. But they don’t die.

Their world is a cacophony of smells. A flower, a chicken bone, the smell of another dog. And yours. That’s what makes their world perfect, and in a perfect world there is no room for death. A walk with you is all they have.

When you think she’s dead, she’s not. She just fell asleep in your heart. By the way, that’s where she wags her tail. That’s why your heart hurts so much and tears come to your eyes. How can you not cry when there’s a happy dog wagging its tail in your chest? She’s telling you, “Thank you for giving me the best and warmest place to sleep – by your heart.”

In a few years, she will sleep better and longer, and so will you. She was a GOOD dog, and you both know it. Dogs are not “dead.” In fact, they never are. They sleep in your heart and will wake up when you don’t expect them to. That’s just the way they are!

I feel sorry for the people whose dogs don’t sleep in their hearts. You have lost so much. I’m sorry, I need to cry now…”.

After reading these incredible words, there’s no point in saying anything else. Thank you so much, Ernest!

Have you ever lost a beloved pet?

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