“Everybody loves it, but she hates it”: what two foods Jennifer Lopez never eats

Jennifer Lopez has been a role model for everyone who decides to lead a healthy lifestyle for decades. Contrary to the laws of nature, the 53-year-old artist is only getting slimmer, more active, more cheerful and creative. Sports, for which she wakes up at 4:45 a.m. sharp, have long been an integral part of her life.

“I always go to the gym in the morning. It’s ironclad. No matter how busy my schedule gets,” assures J.Lo.

As for diets, the singer does not sit on them. But also does not allow too much. As Jennifer admitted, if the nutritionist said to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, she would not touch it even as an exception for the holidays.

“I’d rather not eat at all than overeat and then regret it,” – said the artist.

Fortunately, she does not have to go hungry. To have those abs, Lopez eats enough healthy fats and protein in the form of eggs, turkey, chicken breast, seafood and avocados. Add vegetables and lots of greens and you get the superstar’s “rejuvenating” diet.

The list of banned foods is all standard – sweets, flour, any fast food, alcohol, carbonated drinks. However, among this set of poisons there are two positions that genuinely surprise. Judge for yourself: never and under no circumstances Jennifer Lopez eats salmon and berries.

We should say right away that it’s all about personal preferences of the artist. Her chef Calvin Fernandez said that she tastes more like cod or halibut, that is white, not red fish.

“Jennifer hates salmon. So if I serve it for everyone, I cook sea bass, halibut or cod separately for her,” the chef shared.

By the way, a few years ago, Jen gave up coffee as well. She believes that there are much more disadvantages from this drink than advantages. Instead, Jennifer chooses plain water or green smoothies made of spinach and celery. She can also add some fruit for flavor (like an apple or banana). The most important thing is the absence of her disliked berries in the drink.

Another allowed drink on the artist’s menu, in addition to regular water, is a protein shake. This is her favorite breakfast, after which she can easily go to a workout.

According to star nutritionist Haley Pomeroy, who consulted Lopez for several years, her client’s diet predominantly consists of fiber, lean protein, fats and less often – complex carbohydrates (brown rice, quinoa, yams). To make it easier to Jennifer’s diet, the expert taught the singer to give herself one day in two weeks, when she can eat whatever she wants, even ice cream or her favorite oatmeal cookies with chocolate. True, back in 2022, the artist voluntarily reduced the number of such “cheat meals” to twice a month.

“The basis of her diet is vegetables (mostly broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots and asparagus) and protein (chicken, seafood). Every day she eats nuts as a snack, which contain vital vitamins, fats, dietary fiber and minerals. She also eats dinner strictly 4 hours before bed to avoid swelling in the morning. All these rules seem very simple, but with strict adherence and regular workouts, you can achieve a body like J.Lo’s,” Hayley commented in an interview with Women’s Health magazine.

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