Failed panoramic photos that make you want to rub your eyes

I hope you’re not one of those who thinks it’s easy to get beautiful pictures. Like, you just have to buy a good camera or at least a phone. Don’t be mistaken. Even with good technology can badly screwed up. Which, in fact, is what the people in my selection today did. It was supposed to be a beautiful panoramic photo, but what came out was… See for yourself. But it’s fun, right?

“Don’t use panoramic mode with a moving goat.”

Even unsuccessful photos have their connoisseurs. And this photo with the goat has many of them.

“If Picasso had painted a goat, it would have looked exactly like this.”

“On the contrary, this is an example of why it’s worth using a panorama for moving goats. It’s pretty surreal, and I love sur,” commented users on the Web on the photo.

“When kids playing with the phone, such masterpieces can be created.”

This is the best sketch for workaholics! You work all day and then fall epically on your bed.

“Took a panoramic picture in a museum. It ended up looking like this girl had the perfect hand for selfies.”

And what, selfie lovers would really appreciate it if the arms could stretch out like that. Users immediately had a fantasy when they saw this photo:

“It looks like Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. When he runs and scratches fences with both hands.”

“Oh, imagine if female selfies with duck lips grew arms just a little bit.”

“My dog is Cerberus. The panorama gone bad.”

“I took some pictures today at Lake Louise, and Google offered me this panorama.”

This photo also amused the public. And one user made up a whole story about him.

“Every year, white-clad petitioners bow to this giant and bring crates of dried fruit and meat. And Arctic girls chant to this fearsome creature, bringing him back to sleep.”

“My kid took a panoramic picture of me that came out awfully true.”

And lastly. It was like a pointer out of a horror movie, honestly.

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