For 7 years it was a typical black cat, but then his appearance began to change.

David decided to get a cat. He went to the shelter for the animal and almost immediately he was attracted to an all-black kitten. David knew that black cats often stay at the shelter. They were ordinary-looking and didn’t really attract many visitors. David decided to take the black kitten with him. Only after a few years it turned out that the appearance of his pet is very far from ordinary.

The man named the cat Scrappy. For the first seven years of his life, he remained a simple black cat. He was affectionate and warmly loved by his owner. The unusual changes in the cat’s appearance occurred suddenly, so the owner of the animal was greatly frightened.

In just one day, a white patina appeared on Scrappy’s dark fur. At first glance, it looked as if the cat had been caught in a snowstorm. The cat’s appearance became very interesting and unusual. But David decided that the sudden change in color could be due to an illness and took his cat to the vet. The doctors diagnosed the cat with vitiligo. This disease affects pigmentation disorders and is quite common in humans, but in cats such a diagnosis is very rare.

David decided he needed to tell the public about his unusual cat. So he set up a social media account for Scrappy. In a few days almost 140,000 users signed up for the unusual cat, who enjoy looking at Scrappy’s photos and reading stories from his life.

Scrappy’s character is as unique as his appearance. For example, he doesn’t let anyone into the yard of the house, but he never leaves the house himself. The cat’s favorite treat is bananas, which he will steal without remorse just from the kitchen table.

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