How schoolchildren rescued a dog that had been abandoned

There are some people whose love for animals is so great that it appears from an early age. The parents of such children should definitely be proud of them. About four such children, today we will tell you.

The four boys, who were all still in high school, one day went to another neighborhood because their aunt needed help. At some point, as they were helping to move all their belongings, they suddenly heard noises from the next room, where they thought no one was.

To understand where the sound was coming from and why, they all went together to that very room. When the boys went inside, they were stunned. There was a small, abandoned dog lying there, looking at them with sad eyes and making noises. Someone had brought him there and tied him with a rope.

They immediately began to untie the rope. When they succeeded, one of them carried the doggie back to his house.

The boy’s parents also liked animals and didn’t mind at all. There the dog was fed, washed and played with him. What’s interesting – all the boys were very young, but they understood a lot. The oldest, for example, was only 13, while the youngest was 7. After these procedures, they called the rescue team.

When the rescuers arrived on the scene, the boys were not ready to give the dog to people they were seeing for the first time so quickly. First they asked about all the details, where the dog would be, if he would be okay, and how he would be treated there.

Orphanage workers were pleasantly surprised by the boys’ kindness and cleanliness. Realizing that such children are not often seen, they decided to shoot a report about them. The guys didn’t mind and gladly agreed.

When the boys had already learned, all in detail, they finally gave the doggie to them. As they said goodbye, they each hugged and kissed the dog, which was very sweet

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