Husky Tully thinks she’s a cat and won’t believe she’s a dog

What is stronger, innate reflexes and genetic rules or training and instilled habits? And it is a reason to wonder – is it really so good, when dogs nurse kittens and cats nurse puppies? A living example of this paradox is Husky Tully, who is not a husky and not really a dog.

This is Tully.

She does not know the commands “sit” and “lie down,” but likes to do it with her paws tucked under her.

Tully just loves boxes! Although it’s hard to find one that fits her size.

It all started when Tully went to an animal shelter when she was about two months old and from there to her new owners. The only thing we know about her former life is that she was surrounded by cats from childhood and learned the basic habits from them

It is not known to what extent Tully thinks she is a cat. No one is going to change her mind.

Tully likes to sit by the window and watch the world outside or sunbathe – like a cat.

She does not chew sofas and shoes. But she is happy to puddle in the most secluded place and steal something to chew on

And as she sleeps, Tully tries to twist like a cat.

Tully is vindictive. But in the cat way, she won’t attack you. She will wait for a moment and drop an object from the table or steal a goodie from the kitchen.

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