I thought I was going to get bitten by dogs, but a big cat jumped out to help

This time I decided to spend my weekend at my grandmother’s. I usually visit my parents, but I decided that I hadn’t been to Grandma’s in a long time, and Monday was supposed to be my day off at the university, so I thought I’d spend more time with her.

I had only a short walk to my grandmother’s house when two large dogs with grinning muzzles and growling came around the corner in front of me. I knew full well that I would not make it to my grandmother’s house in time, no matter how hard I tried. The house was too close to the corner from which the dogs came, and I didn’t even think about running.

They came very close to me, and I tried to hit them with one of the bags I had in my hands. But they just ducked and tore it up right away. Then I was absolutely numb with fear, because I thought that in any case I would be bitten.

And then help came unexpectedly: a huge cat jumped out from under the gate of a house, which with a mad screech attacked the dogs. The dogs ran away at once, their heels flashing, if you can say that about dogs.

At the same moment, a young guy came out of the same yard to see where his cat had rushed off to so quickly. He helped me gather the things that had fallen out of the torn bag and walked me to my grandmother’s house. I thought the young man was pretty good-looking, though maybe his cat had an effect on me.

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