I took the dog from the owners, and he cried and did not understand why he was being taken away

The dog followed the owner with his eyes and could not understand why we were taking him away from the family he was used to. I often see the tears of animals. They usually cry out of pain or joy. That day I saw for the first time how the dog cried from the realization that he was betrayed. Archie seemed to realize that the people who cared about him and whom he loved so much, he sees for the last time

Archie was hurt because he was betrayed. And he was also filled with fear. After all, he did not understand how he would live on.

For two years Archie had a home and loving owners. But the family decided to leave the city. And taking the dog with them was not part of their plans. The owners also had no time to attach the dog. That’s why they gave it to us.

I want to believe that they will not have animals in the new city. After all, if their life changes again, most likely, they will do the same as the first time.

After the family abandoned him, Archie is under a lot of stress. Dogs have a sincere love for their owners and are infinitely loyal to them. Separation is extremely difficult for them.

Archie is currently on paid overexposure. He is scared, afraid of people and eats poorly. The stress of the breakup affected not only his mood, but also his well-being.

When Archie recovers a little, he will need a visit to the vet, vaccination, treatment, castration. Only after that we can start looking for new owners for him, owners who will never betray him.

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