In seven years, this woman and her association have rescued 1,200 injured, abandoned or endangered dogs.

Amber French has saved 1,200 dogs from suffering since she began working with Lucky Mutts, an animal shelter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2015.

A dog named Jim was able to survive because of her. He was the victim of a car accident. The dog recovered from his injuries thanks to an operation that Amber sponsored.

Dogs like Robin and Penny often have to be put to sleep at the shelter due to lack of space. But Amber French and the volunteers did everything in their power to save them.

Hickory and Chase also risked being euthanized. But now they are living with a loving family thanks to the intervention of their benefactor.

Benny is attacked by a coyote. But he was picked up by Amber French, and he soon found his new home.

A great animal lover, she is willing to help at any time of day or night to save them.

Her boss, Tina Fraser, admitted to admiring a woman of infinite generosity and altruism. “She always has great ideas,” she said.

“We all know and appreciate her enthusiasm. She has dedicated her career to helping children and caring for foster parents. But she’s also dedicated her life to animals.”

20 dogs are currently awaiting adoption. Their upkeep can be quite expensive. But she is doing her best to find a loved one for them.

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