Lady Shortcake is the Internet’s smilingest dog is the Internet’s smilingest dog

Animals do not know how to smile by default. Showing teeth is an expression of obvious aggression. But pets have learned a lot from humans, including how to vividly express their emotions. And the leader of our time on smiles, many call the dog named Lady Shortcake.

Now that’s a face of heightened smiling!

The skill is 1000% mastered

How can there be any doubts?

You may have seen the collage with the transformation into a Disney princess

She once grieved in an orphanage in Fresno, but now she has a home and family

Lady Shortcake is a pet. For her, a perfect day is spent on the couch.

And if she goes for a walk too, be sure to have a photo shoot!

Amazingly positive animal!

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