Miraculously survived in a locked box blue-eyed half-husky

It’s been a year since six little puppies in a closed box were found near the shelter. They were about two months old at the time. The mom was a husky with blue eyes, and we didn’t know the dad. But since the town is small, we found out whose babies they were.

We took one of the babies to the group home and named her Cranberry. The rest stayed at the shelter. We only took them to wash them before the new owners took them away. This little baby looks like a toy. And with such beautiful blue eyes.

When you take her in your arms, she sits quietly and practically doesn’t move, she’s even afraid to breathe. She also has a very unusual color. She is all white, and one ear is black and a spot on her back. By the way, she started to change a lot when she was growing up.

And so Cranberry went to our friends. In her new home she was given a new name – Berta.

She is so cheerful and funny, even though she is a teenager. Her nose has already changed a lot, and her eyes, as if pencil dyed.

Now she’s getting older. Over time, she started to get a lot of little spots on her back and tail. They look like freckles.

When she began to grow up, her head was becoming more like her mother’s breed, but her fur was short and soft, which is not typical for huskies. But as a result, she grew up to be a beauty, and most importantly, she is loved just the way she is.

Unfortunately, not all puppies were so lucky. Two of the box stayed at the shelter, but four of them were able to be adopted by good families. This is also a good result.

We would like to thank Cranberry’s new owners for rescuing her and giving her do, care and love.

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