No one wants to take the three-legged dog. So she lives alone in an empty apartment

Residents of the house noticed that a dog without one paw had appeared in their yard, which had not been seen here before. People fed the dog and pitied him. There were even those who wanted to take it to a doctor. But the animal would not be handled, so those plans had to be abandoned.

After a while the dog got used to it and became less cautious. Then the man managed to catch her and take her to the doctor. Dina, as the inhabitants of the house called the animal, began to be treated. The dog stayed at the clinic for a few days and then escaped unnoticed. The man immediately went in search of the dog. After all, she needed to be treated. But after he found Dina, he decided he would not take her away.

In order to pay for the treatment he had to find other people who agreed to help Dina. The dog underwent surgery. She persevered through dozens of procedures and injections. After treatment, Dina could not be returned to the streets.

Dina was unable to find owners. But a woman agreed to put her in her empty apartment. For several months now, the dog has been living all alone. The woman visits her once a day to give her food and water and to take her for a short walk.

Dina has only one hour each day during which she can socialize with a person and feel needed and important, the rest of the time she is abandoned and lonely. Dina dreams of having a family, but for now she is forced to spend every day alone in four walls, left to herself and her thoughts.

Dina is small, she is only two years old. The dog is kind and affectionate, she loves companionship and will make a great companion. The dog doesn’t mind the fact that she only has three paws, she moves around well and is very playful.

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