Rescue of a goose named Arnold in Massachusetts

A wonderful organization is engaged in animal rescue and has succeeded in this matter. It became known that Arnold the goose was among those found and he was given first aid. He lived on a pond near the famous Central Park. It was noticeable that over time he felt worse. Then one of the doctors of the center noted that the goose needs to be taken for examination.

It turned out that he had injured his paw and was suffering from severe pain. Therefore, it was very difficult for him to walk. At the clinic, they began to take care of him and performed a serious operation on the goose. The other inhabitants of the pond were nervous about where the goose was taken. And over time, the goose itself came right to the door of the clinic, which was located next to this pond. It was an amazing event.

The most interesting thing is that she felt that the goose was being put into surgery and came at the very moment when he was being anesthetized. She was in a nervous state. When one of the employees opened the door to get out and noticed a goose there, he was amazed at such friendly support.

When the operation was successful, she was brought into the center and given the opportunity to meet with the goose. It was noticeable that they began to court each other. No one in the clinic expected such strong goose ties. Now they are always together and often come to the doors of the clinic to say hello. with employees. It looks pretty fun.

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