Rescued a tiny “sad” kitten who turned out to be a playful and talkative baby

Last week we found a two-week-old kitten wandering down a street. The mother cat was not in sight. So we decided to take the kitten to the shelter.

At the time, we didn’t have any facilities to nurse small kittens. We contacted our colleagues in the community and asked them to help the baby. Fortunately, they agreed.

That same evening the kitten went to its new home. The gray girl with the amazing expression on her pretty muzzle,was named Virgie. At that time the baby weighed no more than 250 grams, and her wonderful fur coat was a haven for fleas.

The hungry little girl instantly pounced on the treat offered. She ate nonstop until her belly became a round “ball.
After the bath, a well-fed, clean and satisfied Virgie, wrapped in a towel, began to purr loudly.

The furry little girl had to be fed formula every two hours from a small syringe. The baby, who had lost her mother, did not want to be alone. Therefore, she constantly demanded increased attention. Only in the arms of her her guardian did she feel confident and calm.

After a week Virgie gained 100 grams and learned how to take care of her luxurious coat. Today, the kitten is happy and healthy. Despite sad expression on her face, the girl has a playful and sociable temperament. In addition, she was a real chatterbox!

It’s only been a week since her rescue, and Fluffy is already unrecognizable!

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