She considers herself the most beautiful woman in the world and a conqueror of men’s hearts

Latvian women are rightfully considered very attractive, and one of them, Victoria Wilde, has self-proclaimed herself the best among her fellow countrywomen. The woman considers herself so beautiful that those around her begin to question whether she understands the difference between beauty and ugliness.

In her 30s, Victoria is well known both in her country and abroad. She gained recognition because of her looks, or more specifically, because of the way she changed it through multiple plastic surgeries.

Victoria’s photo and her story first appeared in major European print publications and since then, many have begun to follow her on social media, looking at the woman who looks more like a doll than a person with fascination.

Before she started making changes to her appearance, Victoria was an attractive skinny blonde and even then many people thought she was pretty.

It was not enough for the woman herself, she decided to refine what nature had created. Surgeons made Victoria a new face, increased her breasts and hips, and performed many other manipulations.

Now Victoria is convinced that she is a model of female attractiveness.

She has a lot of self-confidence and courage. Despite the fact that the appearance of the woman was a caricature, she herself is convinced of her success and even encourages men to leave their life partners for her.

What pushed Victoria to radical changes remains unclear, and the woman herself does not consider it necessary to share this mystery with others.

Whether the result was worth the risks associated with dozens of operations, everyone decides for himself, but Victoria is convinced that she did everything right.

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