She had puppies and had to feed them. But from exhaustion tog che dould hardly stand on its feet

The once domesticated and well-groomed dog is now barely able to stand on its feet. Before, she did not know what hunger and cold was. But when she brought her puppies, her owner decided to get rid of her so he wouldn’t have to feed them either.

The dog was starving, and the cubs needed milk. From exhaustion, she could barely stand up. Sometimes, passersby fed the dog, but it wasn’t enough. The dog decided to go into town so people would pay attention to her and take care of the puppies.

Passersby passed by. Yes, they had no food, but she hoped that one of them would guess to call the animal shelter. And her hopes were realized. The puppies were taken apart and she was placed in a shelter. There are a lot of good-natured people in the world.

The puppies were bathed, fed well, and given a cozy place to sleep that they had never dreamed of before. The dog at the shelter was also taken care of. He was fed and had his own enclosure.

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