Smart pit bull can answer questions and tell his human what he wants

Pit Bull is a fighting dog. His stern expression of the muzzle suggests that it is difficult to find more severe friends of a person. However….

There are many touching videos on the Internet with pets showing love for their owner. But how funny the pit bull does it in this video!

Meet Czr. This smart Pit Bull knows what you are saying. He understands yes/no questions unlike any other dog I’ve seen! His human, Cathy Dmi, says Czr has been taught to nod or shake his head according to what he wants and knows the the meaning behind the concepts of “yes” and “no”!

She writes, “Using keywords that he has learned over the years I am able to have conversations with him, asking yes/no questions to which he will respond to communicate what he is looking for.”

In the video, the owner asked her pet if he wanted to go for a walk, and the friend’s answer did not take long to wait. What a charming creature! And the sweetest thing about this video is that he answered as if he was sneezing! And dogs can also touch.

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