Stepfather raised her for 16 years and here she gave him a gift that made him weep

Since childhood, birthdays are considered the best holiday, both for children and adults! On this bright day, the closest people gather to congratulate you and please you with all kinds of gifts. They try to do their best for you not to be so sad to let go of the passed year! On your day you dream of something special, unforgettable, that can dramatically change your life or bring to it something that you could not, due to some circumstances, achieve in the past year!

For one gentleman, Jay, this year’s celebration was truly unique and magical! He received the most sincere and most precious gift from his adopted daughter.

To begin with, when the birthday man opened his eyes in the morning, he felt an incredible lightness, an inexplicable delight at the rays of sunlight touching his face. He lay there alone for a while, contemplating the future, and then the door opened. The father of the family saw his closest family members: his wife, his adopted daughter, and his beloved German Shepherd dog! The spacious room was filled with joyful congratulations, kind emotions and bright smiles! In those moments, the man was extremely happy! His loved ones invited him to the table and arranged a real feast!

Everything was carefully scripted! First, the adopted daughter turned on a video made for her non-blood father. This priceless video was a real revelation to Daddy! It began when a non-blood father appeared out of the blue in the girl’s childhood life and turned her whole, unhappy with the loss of her blood parents, world upside down. Jay brought joy into her life: He promised to love, protect, and cherish the girl as a princess. And, sure enough, he kept his promise!

In the video clip, there were many shared photos with the girl’s non-biological father, where they were both laughing and spending time with each other! In one photo, it showed Daddy and his adopted daughter playing sleeping zombies; in another, they were hanging like monkeys in trees; somewhere they were traveling together; playing baseball; composing songs and dancing. Already grown up, the lady says that over the years her foster father has become her most dear person, the one who gave her life.

“Dad always taught me not to be afraid of anything, to believe that I could achieve anything, protected me, kept me busy, and was proud of my achievements!” the girl writes in the pictures. And what was her father’s joy in the photo where his daughter graduated from university!

Jay could barely hold back the tears as he looked in the mirror at his life through the video clip. It was already the best gift he had ever received!

The video was followed by other gifts! The already aging father of the family, with the same childlike excitement, unpacked the gifts one by one. The loving family rewarded him with very useful surprises! The last one was left! A big white rectangular box with a beautiful bow!

“How I wonder what’s inside it?” thought Daddy.

Under the bow he saw a card, but the desire to see what was hidden in the box was stronger than he was. Somehow, at that moment, the man felt an approaching sense of inexplicable joy: his heart was beating fast and fast! When he opened the box and removed the festive wrapping, he saw the envelope.

He began to unwrap it, twisting it in his fingers. And when he opened it, he burst into tears! The aging father finally got what he had dreamed of for years – the adoption papers for his most beloved non-blood daughter. According to his wife, all that was missing was his signature to file the papers the next day.

Adopting a baby girl for every family is not only a responsible, but also a difficult step. For so many years Jay had fought for his unborn daughter to the point of unbearable desperation! He was tired, lost a lot of money and mental energy in the courts and lawyers, and the next morning he was back in action! With all his heart he longed only to give his child a normal environment for life and development. All the more so that his daughter had become so close, dear, loved!

The father did not believe in his happiness! Choking on his tears, he only held his baby girl tightly to him, his own treasure and kept repeating:

” I couldn’t find a better daughter in the world! I always had two dreams. The first was to officially make my adopted daughter my own daughter, and the second was to see her get married.”

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