The dog from the shelter could not contain his emotions when he realized that they had come to take him away, and not put him to sleep

8-month-old pit bull Benny, who has been in one of the shelters in Gardina, California, since November of this year, was at risk, like all other infrequent abandoned dogs, who will eventually be euthanized if no one comes for them. For several weeks, no one wanted to take this shy, but such a cute dog. Until one day a miracle happened.

On December 10, Benny’s life turned upside down when one family decided to take the puppy for themselves. When a shelter worker went into the dog’s enclosure to take him out, Benny began to back away in confusion. But when he was released, he could not believe his luck and could barely stand in one place.

Пёс из приюта не смог сдержать эмоций, когда понял, что его пришли забрать, а не — Видео | ВКонтакте

Unfortunately, too many dogs remain in cages until they are euthanized, instead of living in a loving family. If you have a choice to buy a thoroughbred dog with a pedigree or give a chance at life to an abandoned poor guy, please make no mistake.

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