The dog was miraculously found. To save the dog, people dragged him from the field on themselves

In the middle of a field located near a residential area, a pregnant dog settled down, who soon gave birth to two babies. Once she was discovered by three women who often walked in these places with their pets. The stray dog looked very bad. She was impossibly thin. But her two puppies were fat toddlers. It is unclear what the mother could eat in the middle of the field at all.

The women took over the patronage of the foundlings. They brought a table from the city, covered it with an oilcloth on top, and laid an old blanket at the bottom. So mom and the kids had a cozy house where they could hide from the rain. Every day the women brought food and water to the wards. After a while, the mother dog noticeably rounded up and always joyfully met her rescuers. The women’s pets were having fun playing with the mongrel, rushing around the field. Over time, the puppies also began to show interest in adult dogs, and they treated them favorably.

Once the women came to visit their sponsored pets, but no one came out of the house to them. They called Mom the dog. But to no avail. The guardians noticed a dark spot on the blanket. Looks like the pet threw up. But then their ward appeared out of the weeds. She came out in a strange way, swaying from side to side.


One of the women noticed a large laceration on the side of the dog, and the muzzle looked swollen. She had to be taken to the doctor urgently. They called a volunteer who said that he would be able to come with the cage only after lunch. There was no time to delay. So they decided to drag the dog across the field on a blanket. And then put it in the car and take it to the clinic.

However, it turned out to be not such a simple matter. The dog was heavy. It was inconvenient to walk along the narrow path together. As a result, after half an hour, the women were still able to barely carry the victim to the highway. The wounded poor dog during this time never even squeaked, endured as best he could.


They called the husband of one of the women to come and pick up the dog from the field. In the vet clinic, the victim’s temperature was immediately measured, an anesthetic was injected, the wound was treated and antibiotics were prescribed. The dog turned out to be a good girl. She endured all the procedures stoically. Then one of the women took her home. In the evening, a volunteer girl came to visit the victim. She did not like the condition of the dog, and she took her to another clinic.


It was decided to perform an operation there. But the surgeon was busy. Therefore, they offered to leave the dog in the clinic for the night in order to perform surgery in the morning. We are sure that the pet is in the hands of professionals and everything will be fine with her.

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