The girl noticed a dog near the road, which was frightened, rushing around near the cars.

As the family was driving along a busy road, they suddenly noticed a skinny brown doggie. He was wandering among the cars and almost got run over by a big truck.

Evie Benson, an American, was driving with her family when suddenly they saw an animal on the road. It was a brown dog that was thrashing along the road, and at one point almost got hit by the wheels of a huge truck.

“We squinted for a moment, seeing how close the dog came to the truck. But luckily it turned out okay and it was safe,” Evie recounted.

The girl immediately ran out of the car and went to rescue the dog from the road. It was dirty, shabby, and skinny. But despite his condition, he wagged his tail at the sight of the girl. The family put the dog in the backseat and immediately contacted a nearby shelter to take care of him.

The dog was brought to the Goochland County Animal Shelter. There he was happily welcomed. The staff determined that it was most likely the previous owners had decided to get rid of the dog and left him on the street. Although they didn’t know the doggie at all, Evie couldn’t part with her new friend. She knew she couldn’t take him with her because of her studies, but she wished she could find him the best possible family.

She hugged the dog goodbye, and he wagged his tail and snuggled up to her again. She also gave him the nickname Wags. Now the shelter workers are taking care of him and are looking for a new family for him. We hope he finds a new home!

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