The most fashionable grandmother on the Internet is 53 years old and she looks chic!

“After 40, life is just beginning…”

And it’s true. Now, in the modern world, many women after 40 look better than when they were young. Sports, active lifestyle, proper nutrition and self-care are in fashion. Now look at this grandmother, she is considered the hottest grandmother on the web!

Meet Jacqueline Berrido Pisano, the Italian Instagram star.

It’s hard to guess this woman’s age from the photo.

Jacqueline is now 53 years old. She was born in Serbia, but now lives in Italy with her daughter and grandchildren.

Jacqueline is also a philologist and speaks five languages. She also has her own bidding company. Her success came to her after the age of 30.

She built her career on her own and started taking care of herself after the age of 30, when she had time for herself and money for care.

Fashion is her hobby. Now she is a model and a popular blogger, but before that she took pictures for herself.

A couple of years ago, she posted a photo and captioned it “grandmother that loves fashion”. And it blew up the web!

Since then, she has been keeping her microblog. In life, she is a successful woman. She owns her own company. In December 2019, she turned 53. Her daughter is 33 years old. The lady already has two grandchildren, whom she loves very much.

A woman tries to live life to the fullest and inspire others.

Jacqueline has a healthy lifestyle, exercises and takes care of herself. Do you like this grandmother?

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