The photographer captured majestic horses that roam the picturesque landscapes of Iceland.

Iceland, with its volcanoes, black sand beaches and breathtaking fjords, offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. However, it’s not only about the incredibly bright landscapes, but also in the wild.

Majestic creatures – Icelandic horses – live in this legendary world created by ice and flame.

After hearing about their attractive beauty, New York photographer and director Drew Doggett went to this fabulous country to see its beauty with his own eyes. In his wonderful series of photographs “In the Realm of Legends” Doggett shows a close acquaintance with these horses.

In addition to the unique landscape of the country, Doggett is attracted by its legends and mystical tales. “In many ways, Iceland attracted me because of my interest in adventure, which I had since childhood,” he said.

While in Iceland, the photographer lived on a farm with hundreds of these rare horses. Despite only staying there for a few weeks, Doggett admits it took him months to plan this special photo shoot.

But, in the end, every moment is worth it. “The waterfalls are incredibly loud and almost frantic in beauty. But the horses were calm and stood a few steps away from millions of gallons of rough water,” the photographer added. Take a look at his fabulous photos

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