The story of the elephant girl who died because of human abuse

This heartbreaking story will not leave anyone indifferent. We have said and will continue to say that it’s not a good idea to hold any ceremonies and make money off of things that harm animals.

For example, this touching story of the elephant who died because she was tortured and forced to make money.

In fact, as people tell us, Tikiri was a very kind elephant. She loved to play with babies and she loved life. Then, however, when she and the 60 elephants were forced to earn money, her life changed beyond recognition. During a festival in Sri Lanka, she was forced to walk around in
a parade costume. You might say, what’s the big deal?

However, she was tortured, not fed, not drunk. And she was in a very bad condition. Tikiri had lost a lot of weight and did not look like herself, her body was hanging down. However, so that the tourists and people who were at this festival would not notice this, she was covered up with a parade costume. Tikiri, who was 70 years old at the time, could not take the strain and soon passed away.

It seems to me that these people who make money from animals are very cruel. This story proves once again that animals just want to live, not be a source of making money for people.

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