This cat looks after and feeds his disabled best friend

At first glance, Norang looks exactly the same as any other cat. With his bushy tail and Garfield-like fur pattern, he looks amazing.But Rank can’t walk like other members of the feline family. His hind legs were badly injured when he was a kitten.

Fortunately, he has a friend who can help him. Nabi, Narang’s best friend, is always ready to help him. Here’s a picture of the two of them in a cardboard house.

Nabi exists not only to help Norang in his movements. He also protects his closest friend from stray animals.

When a cat finds food, it takes care of its closest friend and lets him eat first.

These two cats are no longer homeless. They were cared for at an animal shelter before being adopted by a new owner who treats Norang and Nabi with the respect they deserve.

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