This dog has never even had a kennel in her life, and her new owner has built a whole house for her

A big dog named Dina lived on the streets of a big city for four years. All this time she suffered not only from cold and hunger, but also from the attitude of the locals, who did everything possible to kick her out of their neighborhood. Although Dina is a large dog, but she is boundlessly kind. Therefore, people who hurt her knew that she would not do anything back to them.

Dina could not find shelter from the rain and cold because of her size, so she was outside all the time, regardless of the weather. When the frosts started it was not easy for the animal. The abuse from people only increased, so we took Dina away and hid her in a foster home. Unfortunately, she did not have a good time there either. None of the cages were designed for a 60-kilogram dog. Volunteers had to order a special kennel for Dina, and they started looking for a new home for the dog.

Dina was very lucky to have a new family. Perhaps this is how fate has rewarded her for all the suffering she has endured. Olga picked Dina up from the foster home and brought her back to her place.

According to Olga, she fell in love with Dina at first sight. She calls her pet a teddy bear, and she surrounded her with so much love that Dina could not help but reciprocate.

After many years of street life, Dina had a family and a house of her own.

Olga built a real house for her pet, where Dina can hide from the weather and where she will have enough space. Before the New Year, Dina even got a Christmas tree of her own, decorated by Olga’s caring hands.

Not long ago Dina had no place of her own, but now she lives in her own house with a small yard, she has a loving owner and every day of her life is filled with happiness.

Such a twist of fate could be called a real New Year’s miracle. Dina is now loved, and she knows that people are capable not only of hurting, but also of loving and caring.

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