This Pomeranian was thrown away because it was “too big” and looked like a baby bear

A dog may be a person’s best friend, but that does not mean that all people love them. There are those who abuse these animals.

Burt the Pomeranian Spitz had a horrible experience when he was thrown away by his breeders because he was “too big to sell.” Luckily for Bert, he was found by Kathy Grayson, an artist from New York City, and she decided to keep him. She recalls that the dog’s eyes caught her attention.

But the gallery owner wasn’t the only one who noticed something special about Burt. He has become incredibly popular on the Internet. He has more than 93,000 followers on Instagram.

In his spare time, the doggie works as an “art connoisseur” at his owner’s gallery, The Hole.

“I love it when people come to the gallery to see Burt and bring their dogs to meet him. The gallery is always open to the public, so come and pet him,” the artist said.

Speaking of Burt’s incredible success on social media, Kathy says she’s not surprised by it.

“Bert is a wonderful doggie who makes people happy. The Internet and social media are made for cute animals, and people so need an antidote to all the nastiness that has accumulated!”

Just look at this miracle!

“”Burt is very calm, relaxed and inquisitive,” Kathy says.

“I made him a personal Instagram page. I need to post my work on mine, and people really want to see Burt.”

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