This sweet 7-year-old boy received a gift that made him cry for joy!

A seven-year-old boy loves animals very much. He always wanted to have a pet of his own. The young man’s name was Jensen Stewart. The boy had a lot of problems at school. The boy had no way of knowing that such a miracle could happen in his life.

His grandparents had prepared a surprise for the boy. They finally made his dream come true.

Jensen Stewart had a rough week at school, and he came home crying almost every day.

His worried mother, Rebecca Brown, said she had the best parents in the world after they surprised their grandson with something that made him cry tears of joy.

A 7-year-old boy from Doncaster, England, was stunned to find an adorable four-legged friend in a box he could see whenever he visited his grandparents.

Fortunately, his reaction was filmed.

One evening he came home from school and found his grandparents waiting for him with a box they asked him to open.

His grandfather said: “You know what? Grandma and I have something for you. ”

When he opens it and sees that it is an adorable black puppy, he runs to give his grandmother a big hug while his mother takes the dog out of the box. At the sight of the puppy, Jensen cries.

Jensen tells his charming new friend, “I’m Jensen – your best friend now. ”

His grandmother says the puppy will stay with them and he can come and play with him whenever he wants.

His mom posted a video of an adorable Jensen and his new friend, stating that her son can’t wait to spend the night at Nance’s [his grandmother’s] house tomorrow to play with his “buddy.”

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