Three years ago the boy surprised the world with his hair. How he looks today

It’s rare to find newborns with thick and lush hair. Little Junior, born in England, surprised everyone. The little boy was born with thick, voluminous dark hair. The medical staff at the maternity hospital, relatives, and friends were very surprised.

The baby’s nickname is Bear because of his hair. Chelsea, the baby’s mother’s name, talks about problems with Junior’s hair. The baby’s hair had to be blow-dried because it was so thick and dense.

“I didn’t think Junior had hair like that until the first time I had to wash it,” Chelsea recalls.

The baby tolerated the hassle of his hair without any problem, letting his hair dry. As time passed, our little hero grew up and drew the attention of others. People came up to the mother and the baby in the street, admiring the boy’s hair. Some asked permission to touch the child’s hair. Junior graciously allowed himself to be touched, smiling all over.

Three years have passed. In that time, Chelsea had cut her adorable son’s hair. His hair had lost its special appeal, but Junior was still the same sweet, smiling boy.

In the photo you can see that his hair is still thick, although much shorter than before.

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