A couple bought a house and discovered a find that is over 50 years old. They didn’t expect to find something like this…

A couple bought a house and discovered an old discovery of more than 50 years. They hadn’t planned to find something like that…

To find a treasure chest or something interesting, it is not necessary to «go far» and look for a treasure.

Even normal renovation work or storage in an old house can hold unexpected surprises for you.

This is also what Chris and Collin Otkasek from California thought, who did not imagine in a dream that they would discover something unexpected when buying their house.

When they bought the house, they evaluated, like everyone else, the interior and exterior condition.

In the house, there was a comfortable dining room; a kitchen equipped with necessary furniture and appliances; a large closet.

The real estate agent selling the 1960s building informed buyers of a small particularity of the property.

In the backyard, there was a small concrete opening: it was a Cold War anti-radiation shelter that no one was aware of.

Of course, these words aroused the interest of the couple.

After buying the house, Chris and Collin decided to inspect the shelter. They barely opened the hatch, went down the rusty five-meter ladder whose steps had not been trodden by a human being for more than 50 years.

At the bottom, they saw a thick metal door. Chris opened it with difficulty after consulting his wife.

«What could be there? «he thought, because the threats of the Cold War had long been over.

When the couple entered and opened the door, they were stunned.

In the 30-square-meter refuge, everything necessary to survive a nuclear attack was present: water, preserves, food in old boxes.

Packages of versatile products, composed of a powdered protein mixture made in 1946 by a California restaurateur named Clinton, as well as boxes of cookies.

Of course, there was also a first aid kit with tablets for stomach and heart pain, insomnia, colds, medical ointments, bandages, equipment to suture wounds, iodine tincture.

Of course, the drugs had long been out of date. There were also clothes, including a sweater with a popular diamond pattern in the 1960s.

For entertainment, there were many different fantastic magazines and books. Everywhere, on the shelves and tables, there were ground coffee glasses of different varieties, some had never been opened.

The creators of the bunker obviously seemed to like coffee very much, even if it could not really be considered an essential product for life.

There were also paper cups and a roll of Kleenex tissues dating from the 1940s. All objects were packed in retro packaging.

In the room, there were four sleepers, an air filter and a water tank. According to the calculations of the new owners of the land, the family could have survived for several weeks with the provisions.

To find out the history of the bunker, the couple conducted an investigation and discovered that the house previously belonged to a nuclear engineer named Elvin Kaufman.

He worked for the United States government and knew everything about the nuclear threat. He knew that scientists from the USSR were developing nuclear weapons similar to those used by the Americans in Japan (Nagasaki, Hiroshima).

These tensions led to the beginning of the Cold War, which lasted until the late 1980s.

Many countries began to build underground shelters for senior officials during this period. Even ordinary Americans had this idea.

Thus, Kaufman created a safe shelter in 1961 to protect his family from radiation, after investing time and money.

Kaufman’s daughter said that her father wanted to build a large shelter where neighbors could also find refuge, but they refused the offer.

Fortunately, after the construction of the bunker, there was no reason for the Kaufmans to use it, and they simply forgot it.

The couple was happy to have inherited this historic hiding place, and the objects inside were a kind of time capsule bringing them back almost 60 years.

May God forsee us, let no one in the world ever use the hundreds of bunkers built all over the world to protect themselves from atomic explosions.

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