By tugging on a string in an attic, a man uncovered a mystery that had been concealed for almost 70 years.

In his youth, his father took the family and disappeared. After 65 years, the son revisited the old family home, crawled into the attic, and noticed a string on the floor. When he pulled the string, he uncovered a mystery that had been hidden for nearly 65 years. Check the article 👇👇👇

The Remarkable Discovery of Hidden Treasures: A Fascinating Tale

Throughout the years, there have been countless tales of individuals discovering hidden treasures. Before being compelled to leave the country, one man undertook a journey to find the family property that his father had kept secret.

A Father’s Teachings

This man had inherited the skill of uncovering concealed objects from his father, yet the journey was anything but straightforward. Doubts arose about whether these items could endure the passage of time, having been hidden for seventy years.

Fortunately, the items were located successfully, and to their joy, they were discovered to be in pristine condition. The man revisited his childhood home and ascended to the attic, initiating his quest for a small cord attached to one of the wooden panels. Pulling this cord opened the shelves, unveiling a remarkable collection of belongings from decades past.

Throughout the years, the man harbored concerns that the frequent roof repairs on the house might have inflicted damage on the hidden treasures. However, his anxieties were alleviated as he revealed seventy packages meticulously concealed in the attic by his father.

“All of them spoke in the same voice,” he recalled.

Despite his attempts, he couldn’t unravel the language guiding him to remove the boards as his father had intended. Some of the packages had already been opened, while others were still wrapped in brown paper. The assortment comprised newspapers, hat hangers, paintings, skis, paperweights, pencils, umbrellas, school desks, unopened cigarettes, badges, books, socks, and sewing supplies. Astonishingly, everything remained in working condition.

A Museum’s Acquisition

Because of their considerable historical significance, the treasures are currently exhibited in a museum situated in the Czech city of Usti nad Labem. The museum director was surprised to find such concealed «German property» in the region.

“The packages were very cleverly concealed in the skylight vault,” the museum director remarked.

The amount of items that fit within such a small space was truly unbelievable. It took over an hour to remove everything and examine the treasures.

Although Schlattner, the man, unfortunately, couldn’t retain the treasures for himself, he agreed to help in finding the property. Contemplating the discovery, he remarked, «We thought we’d come back one day and find a property there.»

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