Couple builds a tiny house to live large in retirement

Adrienne and Dave are not an ordinary couple, and they have developed a truly unique plan for their retirement.

After selling the family home to their son, they built a tiny house on wheels where they intend to spend their golden years in style.


With approximately 2.5 meters in width and 7.2 meters in length, this tiny house is a huge adventure in downsizing for the couple who previously lived in a much larger farmhouse.

Despite the drastic size difference, they say that integrating their lives into the house was easy since they are accustomed to traveling and living out of suitcases, allowing them not to bring many possessions into the new tiny house on wheels.


Upon entering the tiny house, one is immediately greeted by a warmth and country-style character that permeates the entire wooden structure.

The layout is simple and follows a very traditional design for tiny houses.

Adrienne had a lot of fun decorating the place, although she says it still doesn’t quite meet her daughter’s standard, who wants to take her on a few more shopping trips.


Boldly, the couple decided to use a ladder for access to the sleeping loft.

The reason behind this was to create an additional sense of space inside the house, although Adrienne admits that if they were to build again, they would install stairs instead to make access easier.

Meanwhile, they have no issues using the ladder for now.


The living room is simple, cozy, and also provides some stunning countryside views.

An abandoned barn on the neighboring farm is framed like a constantly changing painting through the large living room window, serving as a wonderful spot to while away the hours daydreaming and contemplating.


The kitchen, again, is simple and extremely practical, offering ample counter space for food preparation, as well as a full-size oven with grill and a fridge that will be powered directly by the house’s solar power system (not yet installed).

Adrienne even claims that this tiny house kitchen provides her with more functional space than her last home.


The upstairs sleeping loft complements the country-style charm of the house and is wonderfully snug. The mattress is currently on a traditional frame and will likely be exchanged for a futon in the future to provide more headroom.

Nevertheless, the tiny loft serves its purpose as an inviting retreat to lay one’s head to rest at night.


The house is located on a farm the couple purchased five years ago. Half of the 20-acre property was sold, along with their old house, to their son. The other half remains on a title still owned by Adrienne and Dave for their tiny house.

This allows them to release some capital for their retirement while staying close to their family.


The notion of a perfect retirement is different for everyone. For some, it means enjoying all the material acquisitions of a lifetime of work. However, for others like Dave and Adrienne, it’s about simplifying life and downsizing to make room for things that truly matter, such as family, leisure, travel, and experiences.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

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